Sketchbook English 

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Let’s Make Sure We’re ‘On the Same Page’

What is Sketchbook English?


Sketchbook English is an online English course for learning ESOL English (English for Speakers of Other Languages). 

It is an EPP course (English for Professional Purposes*). 

*Professional purpose = English for Creative Careers. 

Sketchbook English is an English language learning system which converts and enhances the English you already have into the language you feel comfortable making art, presenting yourself, collaborating, promoting and selling in.

Sketchbook English is for graduate-level artists and designers – or equivalent professional industry experience. 

Sketchbook English is designed to refresh learned English language skills, learned art-making skills, and directly unite them into practice within an immersive environment that mimics creative professional situations. 

You can read the course outcomes here. 

What Do I Get for My Money?


  • Access to 12 modules of an English-language-building through a PRACTICAL creative course.
  • 12 opportunities (weekly) to submit your work and talk about it on Slack with a trained, qualified artist/ESL English teacher.
  • 4 opportunities (Key Stages) to submit professional documents to be read and corrected.
  • Regular opportunities to win vouchers by sharing your work on Social Media.

7-Day Money Back Guarantee

You have 7 days from being given access to the course portal to request a full refund.


To do this, email

marking the email subject as ‘Refund’.

We’ll ask WHY you would like a refund – but there are no bad answers: it’s just to improve our service for others.


Sketchbook English is well-intentioned –  and we will do everything reasonable to support your English learning.

Remember to ask questions on Slack if you get stuck – or have a language question.

Be Cool

One Purchase = One English learner using the platform.

Sketchbook English is written by an artist, for artists and creatives to progress in their careers.

The course content is ‘gated’. This means that both legally and morally, only the subscriber has the right to access the material.

We know that it would be easy to share the content of this course with others, but we’d never rip you off, so please don’t rip us off.

We are here to support you.

You purchase access to the course for YOURSELF.

Please do not distribute the content inside this course via screenshots, video or anything else – in any way.