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Frequently Asked Questions

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Language Levels

What language level is SKBE?

Sketchbook English is most suitable for English learners level intermediate (CEFR B1 / ILTS 4-5) to upper-intermediate (CEFR B2 / ILTS 5-6.5).

Note, the grammar/language tips which accompany each exercise are designed to revise and refresh an intermediate level of knowledge, rather than introduce new structures. 

I’m an advanced learner, will SKBE help me?

Advanced ESOL English learners will benefit from the practical exercises in a different way than lower-level learners.

If you have advanced language knowledge but little speaking experience/confidence speaking/gaps in professional language, you will still benefit from this coure. 

No advanced-level grammar structures are introduced in this course. 

I’m a beginner learner, will SKBE help me?

No, Sketchbook English is not suitable language training for a beginner level of English. It is designed to build upon existing knowledge. 

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Professional Skill Levels

What creative skill level is SKBE?

Sketchbook English is designed for Arts Graduates and professional creatives.

Sketchbook English is designed to build versatility and skill in English around language for professional contexts. It uses creative exercises and techniques common to art school art and design training.

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I’m an amateur artist, is Sketchbook English for me?

No, Sketchbook English is not for amateur artists, but for people with a high degree of training in the principles of art and design.

One key outcome of the course is to be in a better position in your creative career.

Although designed for creative industry professionals, Sketchbook English would benefit an equivalent professional in science, philosophy, creative writing, marketing: – any profession in which thinking creatively is an industry priority –  and you have already developed your voice / identity / purpose / specialism.

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Why join SKBE?

Sketchbook English is for art graduates to supplement and refresh their art college education, gain new perspectives on their creative practice and develop as international, English-speaking artists.

Find out about the course outcomes here.

I’m stuck with my career, should I take this course?

Yes, the best time to take this course is when your career is experiencing a low point, if you are looking for work or inspiration and purpose as an artist then this course will absolutely help get you back on track.

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Timescales & Timing

When is the Zoom Call?

There is no Zoom/live group class component in this course. 

You exchange conversations with us via Slack – as and when it is convenient for you.

How much time will it take?

Completing the practical exercises requires a time investment of around an hour per day, 6 days a week for 12 weeks.

Note, this is NOT dense language learning time. Your course time is split roughly 50/50 between relaxing (or not) with a sketchbook and actively putting language skills into practice.

Direct sketchbook time is not lost time. The sketchbook method will aid you remember the language much longer than passive learning will. 

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I’m really busy at work, should I take this course?

You need to physically put the time in. There is no short cut to this course.

Having said that, artists and designers are always under pressure to make and produce and promote and sell. If these are your pressures, this course will align with them – and even save you time in the long run.

I hate learning English, should I take this course?

There are many valid reasons to have hated language learning or lost confidence in your ability to learn through traditional academic courses. We really believe creatives learn and retain information differently. We can’t promise that you will love speaking English by the end, but for certain people, this course is absolutely the best option to get you back on track. 

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I’m a bit lazy, should I take this course?

Probably not, no. Work on your mindset and come back when you are ready.

We don’t want to waste your money or our time. 

I’m amazing at learning languages, should I take this course?

Sketchbook English has not been developed with you in mind.

We’d love to work with you in some way, but Sketchbook English is probably not the best way.

Sketchbook English assumes its learners do not want to spend hours learning English through traditional broad-brush language programs. 

Sketchbook English users are people that need to keep their interest engaged and their content fresh and relevant, that have a hunger to make and create.

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Learning Styles

I’m terrible at learning languages

We can help.

Sketchbook English is for smart, motivated people who (for whatever reason) a more scholarly learning style is a bad fit.

We can offer different WAYS of learning. 

Keep an open mind, and put time and effort into each exercise and you WILL get results. 

Why is There no Zoom Class?

We offer a community membership option to you when you complete the Sketchbook English course.

At this point, we want you to focus on your English learning journey in a very safe, private and wholly experimental way.

We’ll give you a space to talk publicly – The Creative Collaborators Membership when you are ready.


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What Materials do I need for this course?

You can find our materials list here.

Do I need a sketchbook?

Surprisingly no.

You need a sketchbook mindset (open, experimental, playful, expressive).

The actual sketchbook is optional.

However, it is important to look back on what you have done throughout the course – which sketchbooks are particularly handy for.

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