About Sketchbook English

Gain English Skills for Your Creative Career

Without leaving your studio

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Sketchbook English combines your most creative experimentation, research and play with English learning.

About the Course Format

Sketchbook English is presented in 12 weekly themed modules. 

Every module follows a format designed for 30 – 60 minutes of activity, 6 days a week

  • Freestyle (play)
  • Investigation (idea development)
  • Photo journaling 
  • Research
  • Storytelling (what are your objectives)
  • Presentation (formal English skills)

Find Your Words

Our structure leads you to find the words you need, but it’s so much more than vocabulary exercises. 

Throw yourself into our Sketchbook English Online Course and you’ll be immersed in a graduate-level art class.

It’s real, live, immersive English that you absorb while making art.

Set Good Habits

Right from day 1, we build good habits.

We nudge you towards putting content straight onto Social Media (where done is better than perfect).

We share social media marketing strategies, mindset tips, content batching tips, new ways of researching AND resources to discover worldwide opportunities for your career. 

All things you should have learned as an undergraduate art student. 

But did you?

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And of course, we are here to help

Sketchbook English offers you the chance for our feedback with every module. 

  • Leave us phone messages and we send you our reply.
  • Send us your completed texts and we correct them.
  • Ask for pointers about this content – and we’ll love to help you
  • Get stuck on anything – we’ll unstick you!

At strategic points in the course, you will build an artist biography and write your artist statement*, make a video presentation about a creative project, and respond (in writing) to a Call for Artists.

(*Already have one? – It hasn’t changed – have you?)

Upping your English is the single BEST way you can improve your career prospects.

About the Course Outcomes

Our Sketchbook English course will:

  • Gain you new sales markets
  • Open up a world of training opportunities, travel, residency & internship opportunities
  • Improve access to books, films, magazines, and other research & inspirations
  • Enable you to win a seat at the table at an international conference/artist talks/product pitches.
  • Make you available to new friends, collaborators and partners

Where ever your future takes you – you’ll have the English language skills to support you

  • Sketchbook English is a one-time investment for a lifetime of learning.
  • (On top of everything else) our course trains you to be an autonomous English learner & user. 
  • We show you systems for collecting the language you need and storing it to publish it quickly (and repeatedly) online.
  • We show you systems to error check your written language yourself.

We give you hundreds of tiny ways to keep growing after your course has ended. Test them throughout the course, and learn what is right for you, to continue with your English-speaking career.

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Still don’t think you have time to invest in your career?

Sketchbook English maximises your time because it’s based on methodology and exercises that you would periodically do as an artist anyway, to avoid getting blocked, get out of a rut, to keep your production fresh and yourself inspired. 

Get used to doing them in English – it’s life changing!

independent English language School interior inside Blue Noun

Are you ready to learn who you are as an international creative?

Sketchbook English will give you the English skills to describe everything you have already made, and it will be with you EVERY time you need to speak in the future.