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About Blue Noun Language Hub

Getting creatives talking. Creatively.

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Sketchbook English is presented by Blue Noun Language Hub in Scotland. 

At Blue Noun, we coach ESL English to creatives & creative thinkers.

We specialise in bespoke  English language immersion holidays at our hub in Perthshire,  Scotland.

Ruth Pringle, 2022

English courses to help you learn English

Our courses and services enable you to collaborate with internationals – to progress in your career.

Who do we help, and what makes us different?

Blue Noun Language Hub is dedicated to helping arts graduates & creative thinkers achieve the English language skills they need for their careers.

Blue Noun Language Hub offer English language training in ways an art & design school SHOULD (but regularly doesn’t). 

Our online courses are the modules your art school forgot to teach you.

The modules will link your creative practice with your English skills. Forever.

Other private language schools do not come close to meeting the language needs of the creative industry.

Our courses are written for artists, not just adapted to artists.

Don’t settle for less!

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At Blue Noun Language Hub, our mission is to help creatives gain English language skills to progress in their careers.

There’s no template for ‘making it’ as a creative practitioner – but undoubtedly, strong English skills help.

We believe in the power of artists to invest in themselves and upskill in order to achieve personal career goals.

At Blue Noun, we also believe:

  • The urgency to keep learning new skills never stops.
  • You are never finished presenting your work to the public.
  • Creativity isn’t static. You change, and your practice changes continually.
  • That creatives need English language skills to shine in their career.
  • That collaboration is the lifeblood of creativity.
  • That English language skills are necessary for collaborations to reach their greatest potential.
  • That your contribution to art or design is international.
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immersion English holiday course Michael Clark Dundee V & A exhibition

Our mission is to get creatives talking. Creatively.

Having a creative education/background is special. 

By very definition, creatives think differently. 

At Blue Noun Language Hub, we believe creatives want to learn differently too. 

A&D education doesn’t have to stop where language education starts.

For many years, Sketchbook English course creator Ruth Pringle specialised in ESL teaching within that overlap – putting English language training into quality A&D education.

Now she’s flipped it. 

And now we’ve designed a refresher course that ANY art school graduate would benefit from. 

It also teaches you English.